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Jason Anderson Training Day

Lucas: When you’re racing do you ever go on autopilot? Or are you pretty conscious of where like…

Jason: When you race, you’re not necessarily on autopilot as far as riding the track, but you do not want to look at the timer or rankings. Because the hardest part is on the first lap, you get your heart rate up, and you’re already at 190. So you gotta manage a little bit. For Supercross, our average heart rate is 190-200 for 20 minutes. You go on autopilot a little bit, but not too crazy. You go more autopilot just like not realizing you’re suffering. I used to think that if you trained enough, you just never got tired, but now you just learn to cope with being tired. Outdoors dude, you get so fucking tired.

Full interview available in Vol. 4